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A human approach.

Understanding begins with listening. Every situation is unique. You can trust our team to be sensitive to your circumstances, listen to your story, and identify your best legal options. 

Simplifying the complex.

We will provide clarity to your case. Together, we’ll determine and plan the right course of action. Our experienced team specializes in a wide range of family and estate law services and can apply various techniques — from skillful negotiation, mediation and arbitration, to hard fought litigation — to produce optimal results. Our network of professionals, such as accountants, financial advisors and psychologists, are at your disposal. 

We listen to our client’s goals and build a full understanding of our client’s unique case before formulating options

Shawn Richard

Relentless advocates.

Lenkinski, Carr & Richard will execute your legal plan with valour and unwavering resolve. Our aim is to resolve your matter without lengthy, costly court proceedings, but we’ll deliver your best result — in or out of court. 

Esther Lenkinski has been an amazing source of knowledge, a source of unwavering strength and a fierce proponent of the truth in my recent jurisdiction Case. 
Together with her resourceful and wonderful team she presented my truth in a clear, undeniable manner. I thank her and the firm for the positive outcome in this difficult jurisdiction case. Esther has proven to me that the truth has its own power and I will always be indebted to her and her Team. I would immediately recommend LCR Law to any parent fighting for the well being of their child. 

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